Vote Gammons for Charleston Mayor.

A leader with a clear vision.

Protect. Preserve. Pride.

Debra greatly prides the Lowcountry.

Gammons for Charleston Mayor

Attorney, Educator, Mediator, Public Speaker, Mother, Lowcountry Native & Wife

Charleston deserves a strong leader who builds bridges and who will create a clear vision and plan to improve our City.

Debra has always advocated for what is right. Her mission is to strengthen equality in our City and within City government; pay attention to all areas of our City; improve public transportation; reduce traffic congestion; clean up the streets; and support residents and local businesses.

She will work with constituents and elected officials to create strong community and economic development, paying particular attention to affordable housing and over-development.

Debra takes great pride in the Lowcountry:
its people, its beauty, its treasures –
it's her home.

Our City needs a clear vision, a strong strategic plan, and comprehensive inclusion of all neighbors to create a safe, clean, walkable place to live, work, and visit.

My Pledge

  • To Listen
  • To Work for Improvements
  • To Support Residents and Local Business Owners
  • To be Visible
  • To Work for Diversity, Inclusion, Fairness

Preservation, Pride, Protection

Preserve our true history; natural environment; and historical buildings
Protect our residents, visitors, workers for walking, biking, living
Pride in the Lowcountry – its people, its beauty, its treasures

Charleston History. HERstory. OUR Story.

We are all connected. We are all humans. We create history every day.
Create history with Debra – the first female Mayor of Charleston!
First Mayor who is a person of color! The Time for Change is Now!


  • Create a Mayor’s Task Advisory Committee with representatives from each area of the City of Charleston
    • Peninsula
    • James Island
    • Johns Island
    • West of the Ashley
    • Daniel Island
    • All areas will get attention
  • Develop Strategic Plan; Comprehensive Plan; Amend Zoning Ordinances
    • Protect the Environment (marshes, creeks, rivers, trees)
    • Protect historic homes, buildings
    • Establish moratorium and height restrictions for commercial buildings
  • Evaluate City Departments
    • Survey current City Employees
    • Creation of Community and Economic Development Department
    • Ensure diversity and inclusion of City Employees
  • Repair Streets
    • Fix potholes
    • Make pedestrian and bike-friendly
    • Add bike lanes (especially near schools)
    • Elevate streets in flood-prone areas
  • Calm Traffic
    • Eliminate long, wide trucks and busses from the peninsula (waiver for school busses)
    • Sell long, wide CARTA busses and replace them with shorter, narrower public transportation
    • Invest in areas outside of the peninsula for parking; shuttles to transfer people to the peninsula
  • Increase Practical Police
    • Community Policing: Foot patrol, bike patrol, bring back horse patrol
    • Regularly walking, biking, visiting all neighborhoods
    • Add more Officers
  • Support Local Businesses
    • Provide tax incentives to remain in the City
  • Repair Dilapidated Buildings
    • Utilize eminent domain; revoke Business Licenses of public nuisance
    • Provide assistance to homeowners financially unable to repair, or renovate homes
  • Work collaboratively for Affordable and Workforce Housing
    • Neighboring Municipalities, County Government, State Government, Federal Government, non-profit organizations (One80 Place)
    • Establish public-private partnerships
  • Clean City
    • Pick up litter off the streets regularly
    • Fix broken street lamps
    • Fix sidewalks
    • Paint over graffiti
  • Engage Everyone
    • Attend Neighborhood Association Meetings
    • Move City Council Meetings to 5 different areas of the City (including schools)
    • Plan Town Hall Meetings in 5 different areas of the City
  • Utilize Ordinances to ensure Visitors share in the costs of maintaining the City


Preserve Our

We can inspire one another and keep our wonderful city, beautiful.


Protect Our
Residents & Visitors

When we work together, we can do great things.


Pride In Our
City & People

Take pride in the Lowcountry – in its people, its beauty, its treasures – it’s Our Home.
Gammons For Charleston Mayor

Charleston deserves a leader who can not only build bridges but who will develop plans to improve and maintain what we already have.


Support Our Local Businesses

Charleston is not only a beautiful city, but it’s also a hub for small businesses ...


Work Toward Inclusivity For All

Charleston is known as the “Holy City” for its abundance of churches, but it’s also ...


Mayor’s Task Advisory Committees

From the Peninsula to Daniel Island, each region has its unique challenges and opportunities ...

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Gammons For Charleston Mayor

A Love Letter to Charleston

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Tuesday, November 7th, 2023

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The City of Charleston needs someone who genuinely cares about the people of this town, and I have never met anyone who has more consistently demonstrated a love of people and a desire to serve them than Debra Gammons.

Melissa Fleck-Aller, Head of School, Trinity Montessori School

Debra loves the City of Charleston, and she loves the people - she would without question serve the citizens of this great city with the same passion and authenticity she has always shown in her work. Charleston needs a genuine and caring individual who will foster positive changes, restore our city's pride, and cultivate a community of collaboration and opportunity.

Melissa Fleck-Aller, Head of School, Trinity Montessori School

Debra believes in excellence, first for herself, but also for everyone else. Not excellence just for the sake of it, but because Debra believes that when we reach for our better selves, we can provide a light to our communities and others. She makes it a point to use every opportunity to serve and to give. She was like that at the College of Charleston, and she is like that today.

Melissa Fleck-Aller, Head of School, Trinity Montessori School

Debra Gammons cares deeply about people and the City of Charleston. She has the vision and leadership skills, as well as a strategic plan, to build partnerships to improve our City as the next Mayor of Charleston.

Lancie Affonso, Professor, College of Charleston

Reasons to support Debra Gammons for Mayor Charleston: Her love of Charleston and care for all of its people; her willingness to listen to the needs of the people; her boundless energy and enthusiasm to help. She has demonstrated leadership abilities throughout her life: practicing law; serving as President of the Charleston County Bar Association and the Greenville County Bar Association; serving as Chairperson of the Friends of the Library Board at the College of Charleston; serving as Chairperson of the Trinity Montessori Christian School; former Trustee on the College of Charleston Board of the Trustees, to name a few of her past and present accomplishments. At The College, she was President of Student Government and in Law School at Carolina, she was President of the Student Bar Association. She was the first Black or Brown female in both of those positions. Probably the most important position was that of cheerleader for the Summerville Green Wave while the most-winningest Coach ever, John McKissick, was leading the football team 😊. Her spirit and enthusiasm continues!

Doris Murphy