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Don’t just watch history being made, be a part of it with Debra Gammons as your next Mayor of Charleston!

The time for change is now, and Debra Gammons is the leader Charleston needs to make it happen!

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To volunteer for a mayoral election in Charleston, SC, you may need to fulfill the following requirements:

Age: You typically need to be at least 18 years old to volunteer for a mayoral election in Charleston, SC.

Residency: You may need to be a resident or a registered voter in Charleston, SC, to volunteer for the mayoral election.

Political affiliation: While not a strict requirement, some campaigns or political parties may prioritize volunteers who align with their party or candidate. However, there may still be opportunities for non-affiliated volunteers to get involved.

Availability: Volunteers are generally expected to be available during the campaign period and contribute a certain amount of time to support the mayoral candidate. The specific time commitment can vary based on the campaign’s needs and the volunteer’s availability.

Skills and experience: These could include skills in areas such as grassroots organizing, canvassing, phone banking, event planning, social media management, data entry, or public speaking.

Commitment to the candidate’s platform: It is beneficial for volunteers to have a genuine interest in the mayoral candidate’s platform, goals, and vision for Charleston.

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